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Why are there 3 NFL games this Saturday?
Why are there 3 NFL games this Saturday?

Exploring the Reasons Behind the Unusual Three NFL Games on Saturday

The National Football League (NFL) has surprised its fans with the announcement that there will be three games on Saturday, December 19th, marking a rare mid-week schedule. This is an unusual move for the NFL, as the league usually reserves Saturdays for college football games. But why are there three NFL games this Saturday?

The answer lies in the fact that the NFL has been forced to adjust its schedule due to the ongoing pandemic. While the season was originally slated to end on January 3rd, the NFL had to adjust its schedule to accommodate a recent surge of COVID-19 cases. This has led to a number of teams facing the risk of having to postpone their games due to not having enough players available to play.

In order to ensure that the NFL season is completed on time, the NFL has implemented a number of contingency plans. One of these plans includes the scheduling of three games on Saturdays. This allows teams to make up any games postponed due to the pandemic by playing them on Saturdays. This also gives teams an extra day of rest between games, which can be helpful in dealing with the physical and mental strain of playing in a COVID-19 affected season.

The NFL has also stated that the reason for having three games on Saturday is to give fans an additional opportunity to watch their favorite teams play. With so many college football games canceled due to the pandemic, the NFL wanted to provide a chance for fans to watch some professional football on Saturdays.

The three NFL games on Saturday, December 19th, are sure to be an exciting day of football. While it’s an unusual move for the NFL, it highlights the lengths that the league is going to in order to ensure that the season is completed on time.

How the NFL Scheduling Process Affects the Number of Games Played on Any Given Saturday

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and its scheduling process has a huge impact on the number of games that are played on any given Saturday.

The NFL season is divided into two halves, with the first half ending in week 8 and the second half beginning in week 9. This is in contrast to other major sports leagues, such as the NBA or MLB, which have a full season of games (in MLB’s case, 162).

At the beginning of each season, the NFL releases its schedule for the entire year. This schedule dictates which teams will play each other on which days, as well as when playoff games will take place. The number of games on any given Saturday is determined by the schedule, as teams are only assigned one game each week.

The NFL also has a bye week system, which ensures that all teams have at least one week off during the regular season. This system helps keep players and teams fresh, and it also allows for more flexibility in the scheduling of games.

Finally, the NFL has a flexible scheduling system in place that allows for games to be rescheduled if certain teams have conflicts. This system has been in place since 2006 and is used to ensure that each team has an even number of home and away games.

All in all, the NFL’s scheduling process is responsible for determining the number of games played on any given Saturday. This year, the NFL scheduled three games for this Saturday, and this number could change depending on the outcome of the games and the league’s flexible scheduling system.

Examining the Impact of the Extra NFL Game on Saturday on Football Fans

The National Football League (NFL) is about to make history with its first ever tripleheader of games on a Saturday. The unprecedented event will be held on December 19th and will feature the Rams versus the Seahawks, the Panthers versus the Packers, and the Chargers versus the Raiders. This schedule shift has caused a lot of excitement among football fans, and many are already planning their Saturday around the extra game.

But what does this extra game mean for fans? The extra game will give fans more choices when it comes to watching football on Saturday. It will also provide an opportunity to catch up on games they may have missed earlier in the week. With the extra game, fans will have more options available to them when it comes to watching football on Saturdays.

In addition to providing fans with more options, the extra game on Saturday also has the potential to be a great way to bridge the gap between the regular season and the playoffs. By having a tripleheader of games on Saturday, the NFL will be able to keep fans invested in the games and help build anticipation for the playoffs.

The extra game on Saturday is also likely to bring in more viewers. With more choices available to fans, it’s likely that more people will tune in to watch the extra game. This could potentially lead to higher ratings for the NFL, which could mean more money for the league.

The extra NFL game on Saturday is sure to be an exciting event for football fans. With more options available, fans will be able to catch up on games they may have missed, build anticipation for the playoffs, and potentially even draw in more viewers. It’s an exciting time for the NFL, and fans should be sure to take advantage of the extra game on Saturday.

Analyzing the Benefits of Having Three NFL Games on a Saturday for Teams and Fans

As the NFL continues to expand its season, teams and fans alike have been excited to find out that there will be three NFL games on a Saturday this season. This is a unique opportunity for teams and fans to enjoy more football on the weekend, and there are a few reasons why this is beneficial.

For teams, having three games on a Saturday allows them to get a better sense of how the rest of the season is going to shake out. With multiple games to watch, teams can more accurately assess their opponents, giving them more information to work with when they make their game plans. Also, teams can rest their players on Sunday, when there are no games, giving them an extra day of rest which can help prevent injuries during the season.

For fans, having three games on a Saturday allows them to watch more football without having to miss out on other activities or commitments. With only two games on a Sunday, fans may have to choose between activities, but with three games on a Saturday, they can watch more football without having to miss out on anything else. Additionally, with three games on a Saturday, fans can get into the stadium earlier, allowing them to get closer to the action and enjoy the experience even more.

Overall, having three NFL games on a Saturday is a great opportunity for teams and fans alike. Teams get an extra day of rest and more information about their opponents, while fans get to watch more football without having to miss out on other activities. With this extra game, the NFL season is sure to be even more exciting this year.
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  1. Samuel J. Biller says:
    215 of 219 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best DVR on the market, October 11, 2011
    Samuel J. Biller (Tampa, FL USA) –

    This review is from: Why are there 3 NFL games this Saturday? (Electronics)

    I purchased a TiVo Premiere Elite box on launch day from Best Buy. I would have preferred to purchase on Amazon but it wasn’t available. I was basically expecting a very similar experience to what is available on my TiVo Premiere. To my surprise the Elite has significantly improved performance most likely attributable to a new software build which enables dual-core support (14.9). This hasn’t been completely confirmed but the Elite boots up in about 3 minutes while the traditional Premiere takes about 8 minutes to boot up. A software upgrade is probably coming to the entire Premiere platform which will increase performance on the Premiere to be equivalent to the Elite. The other pleasant surprise in the new software is the support for multi-room streaming in addition to the familiar multi-room view (transfer) that has been present in the TiVo since the beginning. The problem with transfer is the inability to transfer copy protected content. The streaming support gets around that limitation. On the hardware side of things the 2TB video optimized quiet hard drive from Western Digital works as expected and stores an enormous amount of video. Its been confirmed that the Elite includes a gigabit ethernet port so this is the first TiVo that exceeds the 100MB limit on ethernet. The Elite also includes MoCA technology which allows reliable whole-home connections over existing coaxial connections. As of this review there are some issues on the TiVo server side enabling the video on demand options so I will update the review when I can test that part of the experience. The High Definition User Interface (HDUI) menus are very snappy on the Elite compared to the Premiere. I highly recommend the Premiere Elite as the center of a whole home DVR experience.

    10/28/2011 Update:
    The problems associated with video on demand from Netflix, Amazon, etc. have been resolved. The multi-room streaming (MRS) which removes any issues associated with copy protected content has been disabled. I’m expecting TiVo to re-enable this in the next few weeks as this capability is starting to roll-out to TiVo Premiere boxes on the RCN cable network. The HDUI menus are definitely faster than the Premiere running 14.8 software but it has been acknowledged by TiVo and RCN that they are working on another software build that will offer a more significant improvement in menu speed. It has also been posted that TiVo is working on a 1080p Netflix app that offers an improved user experience.

    11/19/2011 Update:
    TiVo pushed a software update to all Elite’s yesterday that brings the software to version 14.9.2. This update is mostly to resolve a number of bug fixes according to representatives of TiVo. Overall I remain very pleased with the Elite. TiVo has hinted on twitter that we will be getting a major software update in early 2012 which will hopefully update the feature set to be closer to the Virgin Media TiVo that is deployed in the UK.

    2/4/2012 Update:
    The major software update I hinted at in my November Update has gone live on all TiVo boxes. This is a dramatic software architecture change that makes the box even better. Unfortunately I can’t add any more stars on my 5-star review. TiVo has also posted on their blog that updates to the Netflix and Youtube clients are being released this spring which will be a welcome change. Hulu Plus is now fully integrated into the TiVo Search and the user interface is much faster than it was on the 14.9.2 update. The new software is version 20.2.

    6/11/2012 Update:
    TiVo pushed a new software update to all TiVo Premiere (Series 4) boxes in May 2012 which replaces the Netflix app, the YouTube app, and adds Parental Controls to the high definition user interface (HDUI). There are also many bug fixes that improve the stability of the platform although there are a few users who are now reporting issues with Multi-Room Streaming (MRS). The one update that was most important to me was a fix for an Amazon Instant Video Pixelation/Macroblocking issue that is now fixed. TiVo has also released support for Comcast Xfinity On Demand in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Boston area which is a huge plus if you happen to be in those market areas. I’m looking forward to another software update later this summer or early fall which will add more high definition menu updates and improved support for the whole home DVR experience. This software update should accompany the release of a new TiVo Stream box and IP-only set top box. I’m interested in both boxes. The TiVo Stream transcodes live and recorded television for viewing and side-loading onto devices like my iPad. The IP set top allows a user to hijack a live tuner from the Elite/XL4 and watch live and recorded television on another TV without the need to purchase another Premiere box. This eliminates the need to have a CableCARD on that television which saves money.

    11/6/2012 Update:
    TiVo is…

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  2. Sincerely Yours says:
    48 of 50 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Holy MAC, FOUR Tuners, this is unreal!, October 30, 2011
    Sincerely Yours
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Why are there 3 NFL games this Saturday? (Electronics)

    We are the TiVo family: as it is all in the timing, we were seeking to get a new TiVo and so glad we waited for the few weeks as the new model revealed the four tuners! Very easy to set up and we are Verizon Fios Customer and now you can grab a cable card from the Verizon shop or pay postal for it to be delivered to you.; now you can initiative the cable card on your own via the automated phone or website. It took all of 15 minutes to activate the cable card! Sooo easy. no more making an appointment with a technician.

    So with four tuners it means we can record four channels simultaneously, record one Internet program whilst watching a pre-recorded show!! We were coming up with needing to record three programs and our two tuner TiVo couldn’t cope! So much storage that we don’t need to buy an external hard drive to store the HD program that we have for our TiVo Series 3.

    We love that out TiVo series three and Elite can talk to each other. We notices if we started watching one program in one room, we can pick it up where we left off on the other TiVo! How cool is this. The transfer replay quality is great as if your were watching it from the original TiVo that recorded the show. Note that transfer is wireless and hence if you have N then it will be a lot quicker.

    We love that the IPad has an app for TiVo and now I can search for programs to record without interrupting the program that we are watching. How cool is that! The new TiVo interface allows a smaller screen of the program that you are watching (top right of TV screen) whilst you are searching for shows to record or to search in ‘my shows’ that were previously recorded.

    Didnt even think about it, we bought the lifetime license for it as most TiVo last about 7 to 8 years for us; so it really pays off for us.

    Only wished they kept the clock on the front screen!

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  3. M. Thomas "Mike" says:
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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Disappointed – UPDATE June 2013, August 30, 2012
    M. Thomas “Mike” (Warwick, NY USA) –
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Why are there 3 NFL games this Saturday? (Electronics)

    I ordered the Tivo XL4 because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want 4 tuners – especially with my wife and I and all the shows we watch? As a Cablevision customer, I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to switch the cable card from my oldest model, the HD and seamlessly pair it to the XL4 over the phone. Then, I was amazed at the boot up time of but a few minutes – compared to the other models which you could shower, shave and eat breakfast and it still wouldn’t be finished. Using the iPad Tivo app, I was able to easily transfer all of our season passes to the XL4 and cancel them on the HD XL, which will now be my secondary machine. I like the the look of the new interface and many of the new added features. After that – the fun ends. For all of the chest-beating by Tivo about how revolutionary the XL 4 is, I have found it to be incredibly SLOW when trying to work the menus and select programs to watch. It goes at a snail’s pace. At this point, I would be happy if the XL4 would operate at least as quickly as the HD XL. Furthermore, the Hulu Plus app doesn’t work and keeps returning me to the main menu telling me to try later. Thank God I have Apple TV or my $7.99/mo. subscription would be wasting away. I sure hope a software update fixes the HuluPlus issues and, most importantly, SPEEDS UP the damn machine. Seriously, I’m not joking – the XL4 is like buying a Ferrari with a 4-cylinder from a Ford Focus. This long time Tivo customer is xtremely disappointed.

    ****UPDATE JUNE 2013****

    One would have thought that a company like TiVo, which makes DVRs and nothing else, facing renewed stiff competition from cable company DVRs, would have done something in the way of a software update to speed up the incredibly, annoyingly, unacceptably SLOW as molasses XL4, but they apparently have no problem letting their customers suffer on a daily basis navigating an interface that is easily surpassed by the movement of a sloth. Evidently, they have no respect for their customers who parted with $400-500 of their money to buy what TiVo advertised as their best machine. I should have realized they were asleep at the wheel the past 4 years as Cablevision, et. al., have caught up to them in the DVR wars. A company has little respect for its customers when they make them pay another $150 to stream to their tablets. I guarantee you when I’ve passed the break even point, or if I can sell this machine, I will return to a Cablevision DVR. Shame on you, TiVo.

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